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Join us to explore “La Candelaria”, in the middle of Bogota, one of the most important cities of our country, not just to be the Capital District, but also, for all the stuff you can find on it. In this free tour Bogota you will see how centuries of history, experiences, culture, tastes and colors get mix in this neighborhood . In the tour, we will touch many interesting facts, which will show you to see and live the place as the local people do.

You will learn about the history of the city, since the first inhabitants of the area, and how everything change with the arrival of the Spanish settlers and this 2 completely different cultures get mix, that make us the people we are nowadays. In addition, you will hear how this fusion affect also the region’s gastronomy. You will learn about important facts that give to “La Candelaria” its particular and colorful appearance. In a few words, we invite you to walk with us in this unique Free Walking Tour (Bogota) through this magic place that is worthwhile to discover.

Tour Details

Remember that our tour is in English and completely free. Is based on tips, and goes from Monday to Friday, at 10 a.m. and the meeting point is in the Journalist’s Park, in the corner in front of the Juan Valdez Coffee Shop and the Continental Hotel. Just look out for the guy with the orange umbrella. To enjoy the full experience, with all the surprises we have planned for you, and because we have limited number of participants, we highly recommend you to book now in the link above. All our guides are certified and qualified to offer you a high quality service and meet all your expectations.”Taste Colombian typical beverages; Hear funny and curious facts; Learn about our history and culture; Understand and feel the Colombia’s change; Live the magical realism, See the city as a bogotan Citizen and Enjoy new experiences”

Monday to Friday

10:00AM to 1:00PM



We invite you to read the experiences and sensations of the people that came along with us. On the other hand, if you already made the tour, we will be thankful if you could share your photos, memories and comments, in our TripAdvisor profile.

To Bring

The first thing we recommend you to bring is good mood, funny and enjoyable attitude. Bogota has a bipolar weather, and changes without advice, so don’t be surprised if you find all the seasons in the same day. However, don’t worry, we never cancel our tour. Also, we recommend you to bring this items:

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